Fiona Lewis - Portrait - Mistakes Were Made - 2017

Fiona Lewis was born in England, went to university in France, and was an actress for many years. She has written for The New Yorker, the L.A. Times, the London Observer and a novel Between Men.”   

Her memoir “Mistakes Were Made - Some in French” will be published May 2nd, 2017 by Regan Arts. 

One day, in her late fifties, Fiona woke up and asked herself, "Is this it?" Ostensibly, her life had been full of adventure and privilege: London and Paris in the 60’s, Los Angeles in the 70’s.  Nevertheless, she felt lost.  Realizing she had to find a way to reinvent herself,  she impulsively bought a ruined chateau in France.

Fiona's French Chateau is a blog dedicated to Fiona's untold stories, her confessions, her adventures  with men, with marriage and movies, and about her continuing obsession with France. It is also about not growing old gracefully, refusing to give in. 

Fiona Lewis and Art Linson - Mistakes Were Made
Fiona Lewis Robert Di Nero Art Linson Mistakes Were Made
Fiona Lewis - Fiona's French Chateau